South Boston Waterfront Sustainable Transportation Plan

Welcome to South Boston Waterfront Sustainable Transportation Plan. This site is intended to share information on the Plan and to gather feedback from the community to help shape access and mobility solutions for the future.

About the Plan

South Boston Waterfront Sustainable Transportation Plan

Infrastructure planning and investment set in motion more than three decades ago have spurred a steady pace of private sector investment and redevelopment in the Waterfront. Faster than expected growth in this area has increased tourism and commercial traffic as well as resident population and led to congestion and mobility challenges; approved and planned development is likely to increase these pressures. These increases in transportation demands and congestion can have a spillover effect on the adjoining South Boston neighborhood and on adjacent roads in the Financial District. Furthermore, transit access to the South Boston Waterfront is approaching its capacity.

The VISION for the South Boston Waterfront is to realize its full transformation to a distinct and vibrant neighborhood within the City of Boston that:

  • Supports a broad cross-section of the region's economic drivers.
  • Provides residential space and quality of life for a diversity of Boston's residents.
  • Is a world-renowned, memorable, and accessible destination for tourists, conventioneers, and other visitors, alike.

There is broad consensus that a Sustainable Transportation Plan -- that supports the 21st Century South Boston Waterfront area, defines and prioritizes transportation system investments, influences people's travel behaviors, and improves the public realm -- is needed to unleash the full potential of this area and achieve the vision. This Plan seeks to:

  • Improve Access and Mobility for All
  • Support Economic Growth and Vitality
  • Enhance the Public Realm
  • Contribute Environmental and Health Benefits
  • Invest Smartly for the Future

Just as it was in prior planning efforts, community participation is critical in developing a vision for the future. This site is set up to collect your feedback, share project documents, and keep you up to date on community meetings.

Sponsoring agencies:

Massachusetts Convention Center AuthorityMassachusetts Port AuthorityMassachusetts Department of TransportationCity of Boston

This project is being managed by A Better City

A Better City

South Boston
Waterfront Sustainable Transportation Plan Posted

Many thanks to all who have participated in the year-long effort to develop the South Boston Waterfront Sustainable Transportation Plan. The final report (Adobe PDF, 45.0MB) is provided here for your review. To review the executive summary (Adobe PDF, 6.1MB) only, click here.

The Plan is a blueprint for improving the growth of the Waterfront, proposing real solutions to meet the growing and changing transportation needs of the district, improve the public realm of the area, all while preserving the quality of life for the surrounding neighborhoods.

The Plan has benefitted from the input of area stakeholders through five community meetings and more than 50 outreach meetings throughout the process. We see this as the beginning of continued collaboration to refine and implement Plan recommendations.

Over the next several months, each of the participating agencies will be working to implement immediate actions and take steps toward realizing the longer-term recommendations. We look forward to continuing this work with you.

We recently moved and would like to thank the Boston movers from Cratos Moving Inc. for their help with the move. We highly recommend these guys!

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